The corratec Life concept was developed by corratec in cooperation with Dr. med. Ludwig V. Geiger, a renowned sports physician. It is our goal to promote a healthier lifestyle and inspire joy for cycling.

Did you know that in Germany alone, around 5 million people suffer from diseases of affluences such as obesity, metabolic disorders, cardiovascular problems and arthrosis? And not only here - most of the western world is troubled by this issue.

CORRATEC LIFE brings people with certain health issues back to a more comfortable life, empowers them to a wider radius of actioon in daily life and thus reduces social isolation, and is also a therapeutic training tool for better health. 





Why is cycling good for your health*1 ?

A number of medical studies prove that regular training of your cardiovascular system by performing endurance sports, such as cycling, can significantly reduce the risk of diseases of affluence such as strokes, heart attacks or obesity. *2. Cycling can have a preventive effect on cardiovascular diseases  – short training units can already decrease the risk of cardiovascular issues by a factor of 20. 
A big advantage of cycling is the fact that it doesn't put a lot of pressure on the joints.  *3.  Unlike with running, where impact load is axial, on a bike the bodyweight is mostly carried by the saddle. The pedals define the movement of the legs. The circular push & pull movement stimulates the joint cartilages. 
Cycling protects the knees from cartilage wear (knee arthrosis) and promotes mobility also for higher age groups. By pedalling, you can significantly improve local muscle endurance and overall endurance of the cardiovascular system. 

The right e-bike helps you stay mobile in everyday life, supports your health and is environmentally friendly. Corratec Life was designed to do exactly that. 



Heart rate monitors or a bike computer with the same function are ideal and recommended for training. A small belt around your chest measures your heartrate and transfers it to the monitor or watch. Some general rules: Aerobic training happens at about a puls of 170-180 minus your age. At a puls of around 200 minus your age, hyperacidity of the muscles begin. To achieve the desired trainings effect, this phase should not be reached over and extended time. The maximum heart frequency is at around 220 minus your age, but is not of importance in this context.


*1 Cycling with an E-BIke
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